Helping Kids Make Healthy Choices

Whenever the issue of healthy eating comes up, people frequently tell me that they want to incorporate more healthy foods into their diets, but are frustrated that when they cook healthy meals, their children won’t eat them. Or that their kids only like “X, Y, & Z”, and they don’t want to cook separate meals … More Helping Kids Make Healthy Choices

Vegan CrunchWraps

So, we spent last weekend at the lake and like usual, came home to an almost empty fridge and no motivation to run out to the grocery store. But of course, everyone was hungry for dinner so I quick took inventory of what we did have and whipped up these tasty, handheld treats! Not the … More Vegan CrunchWraps

Where to Start?

So you’re interested in eating healthier and maybe even beginning to add more plant-based meals to your table? Congratulations! Not only is incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet healthier for you and your family, it’s also much better for our planet. Did you know that in their 2006 report, the United Nations stated that … More Where to Start?